Located in Detroit and Miami.

RENOVO ELECTRONICS is dedicated to providing high quality wireless devices at fair prices. We promise to provide an excellent customer experience! We specialize in wholesale mobile phones and OEM repair parts for wireless devices.

RENOVO ELECTRONICS was founded in 2008
as a reliable provider of wholesale electronics. We specialize in surplus, new, refurbished, and used/tested wireless devices. Our offerings include cellular phones, smart phones, tablets, routers, air cards, USB modems, and other personal devices.

We are also a distributor of OEM repair parts and accessories. We specialize in OEM LCD sets, digitizers, lenses, housings, buttons, flex cables, and other repair parts from major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. We have OEM parts for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, plus Galaxy and Note devices.

RENOVO ELECTRONICS is interested in buying your surplus and overstock inventories of mobile phones and repair parts, including used OEM parts.

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